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What are our goals and objectives?

  • Help children and families to better manage their emotions and reduce the impact of their challenging behaviors

  • Assist and support families in crisis

  • Empower families to assist with their children’s academic objectives

  • Be a point of reference for families that require assistance beyond the Family Resource Center’s scope of services through referral

  • Build and maintain connections within the community

  • Act as a Centre for excellence for the implementation and development of effective parent/child intervention programs. 

Board of Directors

Fred Jansen

Ely Bonder

Geneviève Gagnon

 Matthew Paolini
Sam Tenser

Laura Mosca

Meet our team

Ron Swan
Executive Director
Tel: 438-491-9488
Jennifer Lichtner
Family worker
Tel: 438-403-5477
Jillian Budd
Group Facilitator
Deborah St-Martin
Director of Administration / Finances
Tel: 514-676-7775
Elysia Katcho Vieira
Family worker

Tel: 438-394-8238
Kirsten Rouppe van der Voot
Group Facilitator
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