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What is SNAP® (Stop Now And Plan) 

Since 2015, the Family Resource Center, in collaboration with CDI, has provided the SNAP program to children and their families. SNAP teaches effective emotional regulation, self-control, and problem solving skills.  The goal is to help children effectively manage their emotions and "keep their problems small"

Children's SNAP groups - The children learn how to use SNAP in different situations through engaging activities, discussions, role-playing, and games. A variety of topics, including dealing with anger, self-control, self-esteem, and peer conflicts (e.g., playing fairly, bullying), are addressed.

SNAP Parenting Group: The parent group meets concurrently with the SNAP children’s group. Parents learn effective parenting and communication strategies. They also have the opportunity to make connections with other parents facing similar challenges.


SNAP is a registered trademark owned by Child Development Institute, Toronto, Canada and can be used under license

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