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Comments from our partners

Comments from parents

      Open discussion with other parents and staff.

We will definitely suggest your program to anyone who we think could benefit from it.

     I loved being able to get feedback and support when experiencing challenges and applying techniques. Hearing from other parents w/similar experiences. SNAP and the guidance we received has had a tremendous positive impact on our lives


     Welcoming environment, sharing experiences, very supportive.

Thank you to the entire SNAP team for your dedication. It is clear that this is not just a job for the staff but a passion for helping families be better at being a family!

      We are tremendously grateful and feel very fortunate to have been participants in the SNAP program. Over the past 4-5 years we have seen many therapists, specialty educators and psychologists due to our son’s A.D.H.D and O.D.D.

     SNAP was a welcomed changed, as it is an incredibly immersive and interactive program, much less clinical than what we have experienced in the past. The entire staff at SNAP was extremely supportive and always willing to talk during and even after the program has ended. Our experience was amazing and we are very thankful with their help in supporting not only our son but mom and dad as well with our daily challenges.

We have often felt helpless in the past, but opening up and sharing our experiences with other parents and the support staff at SNAP was amazing. It made our guilt and sadness turn to hope.

     Everyone at SNAP is wonderful and we cannot put into words how important their willingness to support our family above and beyond the classroom has been.

We can’t thank them enough for all their help and support.

Family from the West Island

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